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Nature´s Amazing! When I was a child, there wasn´t much I loved more than exploring the wonders of my own backyard! Maybe you can relate…

I loved spying on the blue jays and gray squirrels, poking around under rocks and watching as wiggly little tadpoles grew legs and hopped off to new adventures among the grass and iris.

Now, working on the Nature´s Amazing! Ebook Series for Kids, I often find myself thinking back to those warm, sunny days of garden adventure. As I research and learn more about each fascinating animal, bird and insect to share with you, I can´t help but get excited each time I find just the right words and the perfect pictures for my story.

Helping our children explore and enjoy the amazing world of nature can make more of a difference than we often think – not just for them but for us and our planet as well. Few things are more rewarding than taking the time to see the world through a child´s eyes.

I hope you enjoy looking through my website – perhaps you´ll find a book or two you and your child can read and explore together.

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Jan Marie Mueller, author of the Nature´s Amazing! Ebook SeriesJan Marie 🙂
Author of the Nature´s Amazing! Series For Kids

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    • Hi Wong Hou Cheng – thanks for stopping by my site. I´ve actually started a book on Africa Tales that includes elephants! Hope you will enjoy it when it comes out. Check back here for new updates.
      Jan Marie 😉

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